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Looking for the Right Doctor?

How Chinese Medicine Helps Us Achieve and Maintain Optimal Health

When we or our loved ones are ill or otherwise suffering from a health problem, it is natural for us to seek the assistance of a medical professional. Maybe our child has caught a cold; maybe our teenager suffers from painful menstrual cramps. Maybe our parents have high blood pressure or diabetes, or a friend is suffering from depression. These are just a few examples of situations where we need to seek help from a medical professional. But how do we know who to turn to? Who we see may not seem to matter in the grand scheme of things, but the truth is that the person who attends to our health has a tremendous influence on the process of healing and the maintenance of our health. It is therefore extremely important to choose your practitioner wisely. Living a good, healthy life is important to all of us. We are born with a lust for life and with a basic desire to minimize our suffering and pain. We only live once, so we want to live it right—and in order to do so, we should not wait until we have an illness that is limiting us, slowing us down, and causing suffering before we seek care. Instead, we can prevent our health from deteriorating in the first place by investing in its ongoing maintenance.


Traditional Chinese medicine is an ancient source of wisdom that can help us understand what it means to maintain good health, and thus how to choose a practitioner who can help us achieve that goal. The first chapter of the internal medicine book Su Wen recounts a conversation between The Yellow Emperor and his physician. “I heard that in ancient times, humans lived to a remarkably old age, still walking tall and with great energy, while people today become weak before they have even reached their sixties. Why? Has the world changed and begun to have a negative effect on man, or has man himself gone astray and failed in his deeds?” The wise healer responds: “In the ancient times, man knew how to walk correctly, and understood the balance between yin and yang, the earth and the heavens, and they lived in harmony with nature and knew how to conduct their deeds according to its laws. They ate and drank in moderation and maintained a balanced and regular way of life.” The physician asserts, “Living in conflict with nature brings illness and suffering, and one must take caution.” These words summarize an important principle: Health, according to Chinese medicine, is balance. Imbalance leads to illness and suffering. Healing, then, means restoring balance: between man and nature, the universe, his social environment, and the circumstances of his life as well as his capabilities and thoughts. Healing is creating harmony between the internal organs and balance between body and soul. A healthy person is able to achieve self-actualization. The role of the healer, in Chinese medicine, is to understand who the patient is and how his balance has been disrupted, and to choose the correct tools to restore that balance. Treatment with Chinese medicine is not a one-time charm; it requires a process, a series of treatments.


In our clinic, “Kichudo shel Mahat,” we provide personalized treatment by making a precise diagnosis and tailoring the treatment plan to meet specific needs of the patient. Proper diagnosis is crucial for successful treatment, so in addition to a thorough initial interview, we examine the pulse, tongue, eye (iridology), abdomen, and more. We offer a wide variety of treatments: acupuncture, herbs, naturopathy, tui na (Chinese massage), shiatsu, moxa, cupping, and more. The number of meetings required for success is determined in the initial meeting. We successfully treat pain: headaches, migraines, back pain, knee pain. Digestive problems: heartburn, stomach aches, irritable bowel. Women’s health issues: gynecology, fertility, pregnancy, birth preparation. Children’s health issues: middle ear fluid, bed-wetting, ADD, emotional issues, allergies. Internal health issues: dizziness, high blood pressure, diabetes. Skin problems: acne, itching, hair loss, psoriasis, and Mental health issues: insomnia, depression, stress and anxiety. Call us and take your first step toward healing.


“Kichudo shel Mahat” is a Chinese medicine clinic in Jerusalem co-run by Roi Kazav and Ester Moshiashvili, both trained in Chinese medicine at Ridman College and licensed by the Israel Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Roi also has a BA in health system management from Hadassah College and received additional training in China; Ester specializes in pediatric Chinese medicine and women’s health. The clinic is located on Yaffo Street 217 in Jerusalem, opposite the central bus station,


Call Roi at 0545531399 or Ester at 0559403370 next to the post office.

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